What's the Problem?

HIV/AIDS organizations have become big business.  New technology - especially self-admnistered rapid HIV-screening - has been available, but these organizations insist on controlling tests despite funding restrictions allowing them to offer these tests to all people.  Because of budget cuts, people are being turned away from testing. 

We need to demand that FDA speed up the approval process so that all people can know their status without intrusive questions, while reducing costs. 


  • Waiting lists for treatment are expanding rapidly
  • Many claim that counseling is needed when one is tested, but the counseling professions cannot offer HIV-tests.  To be certified to do testing, one must take a 3-day training that is mostly role-playing about counseling - something professional counselors already do.  It is a mystifying, loopy logic.
  • In the best of times, new transmissions outpaced access to treatmet by 2.5:1
  • The treatment-focused efforts of Bono, President Bush, Bill Clinton were never sustainable.
  • Activists resort to "demand more money" tactics that focus on blame  
  • HIV/AIDS organizations are also facing drastic reductions in funding for education and testing.
  • Current testing protocols for HIV-testing are restrictive, costly, and often unnecessarily intrusive.  Pre-test questionnaires (instituted early in the pandemic) presume the test recipient has engaged in risky behavior.  The information is not reliable, is often a barrier to people getting tested, and works against the guideline that all people get tested.  In MD offices, there are both financial and social costs if the MD is not sensitive and aware, which is often the case. 
  • There is a myth that people “NEED” counseling when getting tested.  Mandated "counseling" that starts with assessing risk and can result in not being tested is not counseling, it's "screening".   

It is time for us all to take action.  

The Mosaic Initiative is committed to getting rapid tests available in the public arena.  The current National Strategy on AIDS calls for a 25% reduction in new transmissions in 5 years.  We are calling for a campaign that all people know their status in 2 years.

Please sign petition and join the campaign to "Release the Test".




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