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In May, 2006, The Centers for Disease Control announced new guidelines that encourage doctors to offer HIV-tests to ALL patients between ages 13 and 64. The Mosaic Initiative supports this community-wide approach.  We strongly believe that only when ALL people know their status, we will be able to contain the HIV-virus.  The key is that this must be done with compassion and love for all people, without judgment, and with a commitment that we are all better for having taken this step.  We call this our "KNOW YOUR STATUS" campaign.  

The Mosaic Initiative started as a grassroots organization that engages people from across political, religious, cultural, economic, and geographic spectra to find common ground for action. in 2011, we laid down the corporation and merged the program with William Penn House, a Quaker program center in Washington DC whose values of community action and personal responsibility greatly reflect the work of The Mosaic Initiative.  The "KNOW YOUR STATUS" message itself emerged from such an effort, as it was developed by a diverse group of students from secular and religious colleges between the ages of 18 and 53.  

In doing our work, we believe that the process of engagement is a creative process, one that focuses on options and opportunities.  We seek to inspire people with optimism, not despair.  We truly believe that we can stop the spread of HIV, and the world will be a better place as we show what we can do together.  We recognize the challenges, and know that if we are successful, many institutions that are dependent on AIDS for survival will go away.  We would celebrate that as a demonstration that we all really can make a difference.