The Global AIDS Transition

Ever since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the numbers of people with HIV has been expanding.  On one hand, this is good news as treatment are allowing people to live longer.  On the other hand, the number of people needing treatment just keeps growing.  It is unsustainable. Even Sen. Richard Durbin acknowledged in a private meeting that, just in Illinois alone, getting all people on treatment was not fiscally possible, so universal treatment campaigns, while admirable, are not realistic. 

Global Health Economist Mead Over at the Center for Global Development has written an essay about the Global AIDS Transition as a feasible approach to this problem.  At Mosaic Initiative, we have been saying for 7 years that we need to get new transmissions of HIV below the death rate if we are really going to get ahead of the curve, which is basically what Mr. Over's essay recommends.  Community-wide testing is an essential part of this, but the FDA and CDC continue to restrict access to tests.  As this model shows, current testing is only available to a small segment of the population, and funding limitations further restrict testing to the high-risk groups with easy access.  Self-administered HIV-rapid tests could greatly expand the testing access, but we need to demand that FDA speed up approval of this.  As Mr. Over told us, the US is going to have to demonstrate that this can be done.  The longer we wait, the more people will die unnecessarily from AIDS. 

Join the campaign to Release the Test.

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